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Magnifici Ritorni - Aquileia

The exhibition “Magnifici Ritorni. Aquileian treasures from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna ” Opens at the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia, Saturday 8 June. Organized by the Aquileia Foundation, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Polo Museum and the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna under the patronage of the Municipality of Aquileia and in collaboration with the Foundation to celebrate the 2200 from the foundation of ancient Roman city.

A journey through time that, thanks to the 110 finds of the Kunsthistorisches, transports us to the Aquileia of 2200 years ago but also to the Aquileia of the nineteenth century when the city was part of the Habsburg Empire and the Viennese collections represented the institutional alternative to collecting private of local families and the dispersion of the material on the antique market.

In fact, the exhibition brings to Aquileia, after almost 200 years, some of the most important archaeological finds from the rich Aquileian subsoil, currently exhibited in the permanent collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. An important occasion to present, in many cases for the first time since the distant times of their discovery, some of the masterpieces of the Adriatic city within the historical context for which they were created and in which they were used. But it also offers the opportunity to tell an important moment in the history of Aquileia, which, through an intense activity of collection, excavation and research lasting more than two centuries, led to the progressive rediscovery, during the modern age, of the greatness of the ancient Roman city.

From Tuesday to Sunday 10 am-7pm, the ticket office closes an hour earlier (closed Mondays);


€ 10 (entrance to the National Archaeological Museum + exhibition);

€ 16 (SINGLE ticket including entrance to the National Archaeological Museum, exhibition, Basilica, crypts, bell tower, baptistery and domus and episcopal palace).

Free admission up to 18 years and for the categories provided by MIBAC

Free admission for all: 15 June, 12 July, 3 August, 20 September, 4 October, 13 October

For groups, reservations must be made by sending an e-mail to or by calling 043191035.

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Magnifici Ritorni - Aquileia

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