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New Year's Eve 2019


New Year’s Eve 2019/2020


We invite you to spend New Year's Eve with us, accompained by excellent dishes, music, dances and festive cotillons!


Bubbles and the welcome buffet of the Grand Hotel Astoria


Spiny-lobster salad with crispy vegetables

and burrata foam with curcuma (2-7-9)


Shortly cooked veal steak with chestnut mousse and crispy pork cheek (1-7)


Carnaroli risotto with artichoke cream and red prawn tartare (2-4-7-9-12)


Pumpkin quenelle with truffled butter and smoked alpine ricotta (1-3-7)


Mirabelle plum and champagne sorbet (3-7-12)


Fassona beef fillet mignon with raspberries vinegar

on radicchio from Treviso julienne and tender creamy potatoes (1-9-12)


Bavarian cream with 70% pure original Cuban chocolate,

soft heart of caramelised and pralined peanuts, crispy sable and caramel sauce (1-3-6-7-8)


The morning buffet……

Pasta and bean soup Friuli style, Zampone with lentils,

                    Fresh and dried fruit, white and black grapes, Panettone, Pandoro….


€ 100,00 per person (drinks not included).

€ 55,00 for children till 8 years (drinks not included).


For more info and reservation please call us +39 (0)43183550

or via e-mail


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