why not?

That's why choose the Island of the Sun to enjoy your holidays

Concentrate of history and culture

From the ancient Roman basilicas to the wonderful Hapsburg villas

Natural well-being

The natural benefits offered by the marine enviroment derive from the climate, water and sand. Thanks to the sea air rich in iodine, oxygen and ozone, the suspended water particles guarantee an effective natural aerosol.

Seawater contains trace elements which penetrate the tissues by osmosis trough the skin.

Well-being at the table

Fresh fish every day to enhance the traditional cuisine of Grado


The fresh old town with its narrow streets, a place of rare beauty to stay away from "gathering". Traffic and pollution controlled by the restricted traffic zone which has given space to a pedestrian ring for your walking.

A not isolated island

A few kilometers from all the attractions of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, a step away from Austria and Slovenia. Thanks to the renewed Trieste Airport with its valid intermodal center and the cycle paths that connect the island to Central Europe, the world has never been so close!


Take one of our bicycles and immerse yourself in the wonderful colors of the Foce dell’Isonzo:
the Caneo bar awaits you for a different day than usual at a 16km ride from the Grand Hotel Astoria!

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