Wellness Hotel in Grado with Beauty Farm

At the Grand Hotel Astoria Wellness Centre, a modern and equipped Hotel with Beauty Farm, you can plunge into a relaxing atmosphere, choosing among the following treatments:

Thermal baths
In Caracalla-bath, ideal for treatment of rheumatic diseases, troubles of blood circulation and skin.

The Butterfly-bath, provided with heaving system with air bubbles, allows us to operate with posttraumatic and postoperation rehabilitation as well as troubles of blood circulation thank manual hydropneumo-massage.

This bath can be used by disabled, too.

Thermal swimming pool
With heated sea water, ideal for posttraumatic and postoperation rehabilitation as well as aqua gym courses.

For rheumatic and neurological diseases, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.

With sea water steam for chronical diseases of respiratory organs.

Turkish bath
With sea mist, ideal for excreting toxins and as relaxation.

Bath with ionized steam (with low temperature) with molecular and active oxygen; with application by spraying of ionic-soluble products on the skin, threadlike warm and cold shower at the end.

This treatment can highly excret toxins (internal and cutaneously), is antistress, generally or districtly slimming, excellent for treating cellulite, increasing the body’s defence system.

Manual lymphatic drainage
Used with local and extended lymphstatical edema, with cellulite problems, excellent as antistress.

Feet reflexzone-massage
Energetical, therapeutical and relaxing massage used with muscular and skeletal problems, troubles of digestive, respiratory and nervous system.

Shiatsu massage
Ancient massage to find again balance of vital energy against tensions and depressions.

Cosmetic treatments
Body and face, using products of high quality.

Solarium UVA
Body and face.

Specialized medical examinations
for orthopedical, dermatological, and urological diseases,
illnesses of metabolism (dietology), homeopathical examinations
With programmes fitting to your type, with appointment.