Grado Thalassotherapy Centre

The thalassotherapy is specially effective to recover one’s health and is based on the association of the healing action of the sea, the seaweeds and the sea climate.

The sea water is a reservoir of living elements, mineral salts and elements low in mineral content, which penetrate through the skin in our body; Grado’s sea water is one of the richest of elements low in mineral content.

The thermal centre of Grand Hotel Astoria pumps the sea water about 100 m from the coast; very rich of iodine, phyto- and zooplankton, it’s warmed up at 30/35° and used for the healing thalassotherapeutical treatments, which have remarkable regenerating properties on the whole body.

Moreover, the wonderful panorama, which can be enjoyed from the Centre for Thalassotherapy, the large solarium; the professional and friendly doctors as well as our staff; the splendid rooms of the hotel; these are all basic elements for the relaxation needed to take the highest advantage of the healing benefits of the sea water treatments.

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