Welcome to the Grand Hotel Astoria

4 Stars hotel in Grado, Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Grand Hotel Astoria was built at the beginning of the 20th century, when Grado was the Habsburgers’ and Middle European aristocracy’s Summer resort, with the name of Hotel Lido.

The Hotel knew glory and smartness being the seat of the local casino.
It was completely rebuilt and reopened in 1991, continuing its role of hotel with style, quality and elegance, like an island in the island, for its completeness and quality of its services.

Tradition and modernity, this is the philosophy of the Grand Hotel Astoria, a 4 stars hotel located in Grado historic centre, few kilometres from the beach, exactly between the historic area with the ruins from the Roman period and the wide boulevards of the city centre, ideal for a completely relaxing seaside holiday.

The Isle of Grado

The Isle of Grado, the “Golden Island”, was the first landing place for Julius Caesar’s ships keeping the links to the legions staying at Aquileia alive. Thanks to its strong appeal of marine and lagoon landscapes as well as its microclimate it’s a pleasure to live there even in Winter.
Its closeness to Venice, Aquileia, Palmanova, Udine, Cividale, Gorizia and Triest sets Grado to a place among the sought-after destinations of cultural tourism.
The richness of the sea water’s elements low in mineral content, the sand, the sun, the climate and its splendid lagoon, made it, with the time, to one of the most famous destinations for bathing and thermal cures (thalasso therapy).