Holiday in Grado, the Sunny Island.

Grado island and its lagoon are a unique reality in the world under the landscape, artistic and historic point of view.

The strong landscape attractions, the enchanted atmospheres, its mild microclimate in winter too, the excellent cuisine, the golden sand, these are only some of the ingredients that make Grado a special destination for a holiday in all the seasons.

A holiday aiming at the quality of life and respect for the environment, guaranteed by the “Blue Flag” that Grado boasts since 1989.

Grado, still today away from the urban and industrial areas, boasts a typical salinity of its waters, which are the result of continuous marine currents and of a wide lagoon which double the sun rays refraction effect, giving origin to a very particular microclimate with a high iodine concentration.

For this reason this resort was chosen in 1873 as one of the very first health facilities (Hospice by the sea) aiming at exploiting the salutary therapeutic properties of the marine environment, obtaining in 1892 the official title of Marine Spa.

We suggest to spend a week-end in Grado making use of our periodic special offers.