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Gianni Borta "Naturalismo & Bellezza"



The character of this exhibition is very dear to me and is in strong harmony with the City of Grado for the prestigious awards obtained as Comune Fiorito. This is precisely the "leit motiv" that will induce the whole city and the visitors, in particular, to get to know the Artist Gianni Borta more closely and to emphasize the great interaction between the art of the Master and the inherent characteristics of the City.

The flowers were the distinctive element of his poetry for the artist and it is for this reason that he is considered the most important painter of expressive naturalism. This subject always accompanies every master's work, making it unique and original in its kind with its own iconic figure.

Borta is considered, internationally, the most dynamic painter of gestural expressionism.

The scent of color will flood the rooms of the "House of Music" of the City of Grado with intense and captivating images of Artist's Flowers; of the many flowers collected, in every part of the world, in the memory of Borta and returned to revive and reworked on the canvas with a unique and immediate gestures, dense and wild. An instinctive dance, almost like a vision or shamanic, of a strongly chromatic matter.

For these reasons we want to trace the artist's artistic-cultural reasoned itinerary ready to represent, with this exhibition, a reflection of great value by a son of Friuli Venezia Giulia who has done a lot for the dissemination of art all over the world.

Naturalism intends to imitate nature with an attention to the human figure, to inanimate objects, to be closer to the imitation of natural reality. Gianni Borta paints to transform the world into nature. His painting is not an imitation of reality, it is a creation that replaces reality.

The nature so perceived is not proper to humanity, it is a gift of God who wanted to give a visible idea of ​​perfection called BEAUTY.

It is within this space that the Artist becomes the absolute protagonist making the figure of nature emerge with force in the aesthetic and magical value of the creative moment.


Francesco Di Leo

Creator and curator of the exhibition

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