Wellness Hotel for Wellness Holidays in Grado

Generally speaking only a few elements can be used everywhere and at any time for therapeutical purposes: water and salt count without doubts to these.

These two elements, which are fundamental for our wellness, are used at the Grand Hotel Astoria in Grado, a modern Hotel offering a Wellness Centre, ideal for your wellness holiday in Grado, Friuli Venezia Giulia.


The Hydrotherapy with Sea Water

The hydrotherapy is able, thanks associating the advantages of massage with the benefits of sea water, to relax muscles, to eliminate spasms, to reduce labour, to soften the connecting tissues, to make them more flexible and so, releasing the articulations, to bring back a wider and painless freedom of movement.

The lymphatic draining action of sea water is specially appreciate by persons suffering from heavy and swollen legs, water retention, painful menstruations, dehydrated skin, head ache.
The draining of toxins guarantees moreover an antistress and antiage action as well as a better oxygenation of the tissues.
The lymphatic drainage, realized with hydrotherapy with sea water, is specially efficient and can shorten recuperation to a third of the normal period of time in case of traumatical and surgical events.

The draining action of hydrotherapy also contributes to melt fat molecules, facilitated by the presence of mineral salts and practising an anticellulite action.